Follow the Mask Science


Follow the Mask Science is a resource for understanding the science of masks.

All one needs is some common sense and basic reasoning skills to figure out that the mask dictates were a cheap political show in an attempt to incite fear among the masses. Unfortunately, the propaganda works for a segment of the population. The reason may be boiled down to the fact that children are no longer taught how to think, but what to think!

Mandates Should Be Evidence Based.

With so much emphasis on masks, it would be easy to assume that there is strong science supporting mask policies. Strangely, there is not strong scientific evidence for masks preventing respiratory viruses. To quote the researchers themselves, the data in favor of masks is "weak," "lacking statistical significance," and "low certainty of evidence."  On the other hand, the research that concluded masks don't prevent respiratory viruses is abundant, high quality of evidence, consistent across numerous studies, and spans 100 years. The difference between the actual data and the mask mandates is striking and of concern.