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The purpose of this website is to provide a place for those who have experienced adverse reactions after being injected with a vaccine. Recent studies have indicated that adverse reactions are much more common than previously thought.

Since the Whatcom County Health Department has refused to track local adverse vaccine reactions, we must take up this task ourselves. While we intend to share summaries of this information with the Whatcom County Council and the Whatcom County Department of Health, we will protect your personal information to the greatest extent possible.




Community Members who have been TERMINATED from PeaceHealth



Hi Friends,

Please read the very important email below and help to spread the word via email, text, and social media. This attorney is looking for former Peace Health employees who were terminated due to the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate (or placed on leave without pay). Time is of essence.




Dear PeaceHealth Friends,

Your long wait is finally about to come to an end. Over the past year+, you’ve reached out to several organizations, including KOsborne Law and Silent Majority Foundation for assistance in filing a lawsuit against PeaceHealth as you were placed on administrative leave without pay or terminated for your decision to not become vaccinated against COVID-19. We (Karen and SMF) are now working together on several matters, including starting representation against PeaceHealth. We intend to bring this lawsuit with multi-plaintiffs, likely a class action, lawsuit to represent as many of you as possible. Our goal is to file the lawsuit in early December, although we have plenty of work to do within that 20 to 30-day time frame to file the complaint. We also recognize that such a time frame is a quick turnaround for a decision of whether you will participate as a plaintiff. For those, and other reasons, we do anticipate that we will need to amend the complaint in early 2023 to capture all plaintiffs and claims, although it is best to ensure that plaintiffs join as early as possible so we can file the lawsuit in the most complete form possible. One item of importance: even if we file a class action, if you do not participate, we cannot ensure that you would obtain relief from a favorable judgment—this is evidenced by the fact that a case that settled in Illinois offered damages to the named plaintiffs and the other participating plaintiffs, but not to all similarly situated persons. We do not state this lightly or to entice participation, but to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to be as informed as possible in the decision-making process. With that, there remain a few things we need to address:

  1. This is not limited to nurses. We’re opening this to all PH workers in this situation. This could make the case more difficult, but we believe that all need representation.

  2. If you’re in a separate lawsuit, you cannot participate. If you’ve contacted another attorney and have an agreement, but no lawsuit, please contact that attorney, and have that individual contact us.

  3. We are asking for donations, up front and monthly, to sustain the costs for this litigation. We’re asking a one-time $500 (five hundred dollars) donation prior to filing the case. After the case is filed, we’re asking for a $150 (one hundred and fifty dollars) donation each month we’re in litigation. We recognize that many have not been paid for some time, so if you’re interested in participating and need a financial waiver, please let us know when you respond according to the directions, below.

  4. We will do our best to communicate with you and will offer updates on the litigation as they occur, but please be respectful of the time required to file and maintain this lawsuit.

  5. As the claims will focus on workplace discrimination and the PH’s failure to accommodate your request for an accommodation from the vaccine mandate, please make sure you have that information (your request for accommodation and any correspondence related to it).

If you’re interested in participating in such a lawsuit, we ask that you respond to immediately to the following email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following information:

  1. Your Name.

  2. Your title/position with PeaceHealth.

  3. Your status (i.e., on leave without pay or terminated).

    1. Date that status occurred.

  4. Whether you filed a complaint with WA human rights commission or EEOC.

    1. If so, please provide a status.

i. You may need to immediately ask your EEOC counselor for a right to sue letter if you’ve not received one.

    1. If not, we recommend that you file, even if it’s been more than a year since the date that you were terminated/placed on leave.

    2. We can address how to complete the EEOC process prior to filing the lawsuit, as needed.

  1. Once we’ve confirmed that you’re going to participate, we will send a representation agreement and instructions on how/when to donate.

  2. For those who participate, we will need a declaration in support of your status as a plaintiff. We will provide a sample/Word document for you to fill in the blank document that we will edit with you. At that time, the correspondence between you and PH related to its decision not to accommodate your request will be required. Please ensure that you have that correspondence readily available in an electronic format.

  3. While we cannot guarantee an outcome, we are committed to fighting to make you as whole as possible.

Lastly, time is of the essence, so a quick decision on participation is necessary. Additionally, prompt responses to our requests are equally, if not, more important. This is a joint effort, so we need to work as a team.

Thank you,


Director/General Counsel

O: (509) 567-7083

5238 Outlet Dr.

Pasco, WA 99301








Town Hall for the Jail

Join us at the Whatcom County Town Hall Listening Session on November 15th at 6:00pm. Click here to join via Zoom or attend in person at 311 Grand Avenue, Bellingham, WA 98225. 

County forms a committee to develop a Justice Project Needs Assessment and engages diverse communities to provide feedback and help guide recommendations.


What Caused a Huge Increase in Excess Deaths in the US


This in-depth article ask and helps explain why:

Ages 25 to 44 – Why are they- experiencing huge increase in excess deaths?


Please read and share:


Governor Inslee was educated by Be Brave Washington on July 13, 2022


Governor Inslee was educated by Be Brave Washington on July 13, 2022 in front of the Bellingham Technical College in Bellingham WA during a protest. Please read this article from Informed Choice Washington News reporter Gerald Braude and learn how Be Brave Washington members made a lasting impression on Governor Inslee and many Students who came to hear him speak. The article is titled:  Protesters Unleash Their Anger at Governor Inslee at Bellingham Technical College








Why We Should End the Vaccine Mandate to Enter College


A Letter to Washington State Leaders:
Please End the Covid Vaccine Mandate to Enter College

Please share this article showing the utter failure of this experiment with your local elected Representative.





Becki Taylor interview revealing local COVID protocol deaths


Host Becki Taylor talks about COVID protocols during the pandemic and the negative toll they’ve taken on families who lost loved ones.

Listen to the full interview here:  https://kgmi.com/podcasts/saturday-morning-live-5-14-22/

If you would like to report your own experiences please email: bebravewa @ protonmail (dot) com


For additional information on this interview go here:

Protocol Kills


Former Feds Group


Whatcom County Freedom Respecting Businesses


Our Liberty Commerce Network website contains a list of freedom respecting businesses here in Whatcom County.

If you would like to be on this list, please contact us and or come to a Be Brave Washington meeting.

Here is the link:




Report on Truth Matters Town Hall September 25 2021

The Truth Matters Town Hall in Woodinville on September 25 2021 was put on by the WA Civil Rights Council and MarchForFreedomWA. It was phenomenal with lots of great info! The links for Part 1 and Part 2 are below

Part 1: American Freedom Rally Woodinville Washington - YouTube

Dan & Eryn go over the law and share new insights.






Part 2: How Jay Inslee Took Over Washington State - YouTube


Includes Karl Kanthak's presentation debunking the Governor's Emergency. Please share broadly!



Dan and Eryn go over the Federal and WA state law (RCWs) in Part 1 for those of you who are dealing with the covid vaccine mandate/exemption process. They go over the 'Constructive Notice' and the 'Statement of Declination of COVID-19 Vaccine Product' documents and those forms can be downloaded from the MarchForFreedomWA.com or the BeBraveWashington.com websites.

If individuals need URGENT assistance regarding their job situation, guidance with dealing with an Employer, etc. then please email the WA Civil Rights Council at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and put URGENT in the subject line.

There is also a website with info at Free2Choose.org.

Part 1: American Freedom Rally Woodinville Washington - YouTube

Dan & Eryn go over the law and share new insights.

Some of my takeaways were:

1) Do NOT quit your job voluntarily.

2) Do NOT sign any of your Rights away.

3) Request a meeting with the head of HR and go through both the Federal and State Laws (those mentioned in Part 1).

4) Check the FAQ page on the website


5) You can serve them (your Employer/Supervisor/HR) with a 'Constructive Legal Notice' and send it to them by Registered and Certified mail, you are basically putting your Employer on NOTICE, so that they can no longer claim ignorance to the law. 

6) You can ask them for an RCW for what they are demanding of you (covid vaccine/weekly covid testing) as a condition of your employment. Ask them for all responses to be sent to you in writing. Document everything and go through HR. Save everything on computer/thumbdrive and print off for your records. 

7) If you win a 'wrongful termination' lawsuit then they will have to 'triple your pay' from the date that you were terminated.

8) Look at your Initial Employment Contract, if it's not in your Original Contract it is a 'Breach of Contract.'

9) Ask them, how can you be a 'risk' now when you were not a 'risk' for the last year and a half at work?

10) They have no basis or evidence to consider you a 'direct threat.'

11) They need to provide concrete proof, evidence and do an evaluation to deem you a 'direct threat.'

12)  The only option by law is that they have to find an ACCOMODATION for you.

13) You must always have INFORMED CONSENT.


Part 2: How Jay Inslee Took Over Washington State - YouTube


Karl Kanthak goes over everything (in a nutshell) that has transpired over the last year and a half in Part 2. This is IMPORTANT INFORMATION and worth the ~2 hours to watch. It also includes in-depth info regarding the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation! 

As an ACTION STEP the WA Civil Rights Council encouraged everyone to send Karl's presentation to all City Councils, County Councils, County Executives, County Sheriffs, Mayors, Senators, etc.

Lets all do this here in Whatcom County! If the same presentation gets sent to local officials numerous times then hopefully they will take the time to watch it!  :)

I also suggest that we send it to our friends at the Whatcom County Health Dept (especially Erika Lautenbach and Dr. Greg Stern) and email it to all of the MDs in Whatcom County, and to all Police/Fire Chiefs (especially in Bham), police officers, and firefighters.

So please consider helping with this ACTION STEP, and send this to the Whatcom County Executive (Satpal Sidhu), Whatcom County Sheriff (Sheriff Elfo), all Mayors in Whatcom County (especially Bham Mayor Seth Fleetwood), all City Council Members in Whatcom (especially Bham City Council Members), all Whatcom County Council Members, all School Board Members in every School District in Whatcom (especially Bham School Board Members and Bham School Superintendent Greg Baker).

Please consider taking this ACTION STEP to help get this information out to others, hopefully it will help wake up another wave of people!  :)