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Be Brave Washington is a group of concerned citizens dedicated to restoring liberty to Whatcom County and Washington State. We encourage educating yourself on your Constitutional Rights, we collaborate with other Counties on common goals and we urge everyone to hold our elected officials accountable to their oath of office, starting locally.

Our members include medical professionals, law enforcement, teachers and many other hard working people from differing professions, backgrounds and political leaning, collaborating to protect our Inherent Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

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1) Educate yourself on Constitutional Rights

2) Educate your Elected Officials: Your Experience of Emergency/Masking/Vax Policies, Lockdown Data and their legal Obligations Under Oath of Office

3) Collaborate with Like-minded Folks to stabilize through the storm.

Our rights are being trampled on and the push to mandate the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) Covid Injection on everyone has put many of us in defense/survival mode.  My own personal experience with vaccines and with the mask mandates has me very concerned about being able to access grocery stores soon. During the lock-down there was only one grocery store that would let me in without a mask despite me carrying the WA State Mask Exemption form everywhere. A year ago, very few believed me that these same "mask guidelines" would be used for the injection this year. Now this week, Bellingham openly announced that there are at least 12 businesses requiring vaccine cards to enter starting TODAY, most of them restaurants.

How long until the grocery stores participate in this dangerous policy?? I grow some of my own food but can I make it through the winter without access to stores? Will I have access to the food boxes I was able to gleen food from during the worst of it?

These are serious concerns many of us now face.


Here is a video of what happens over time to those who are forced to take the Covid Injection:



Here is another important video called Follow the Science:




It is more important than ever to build relationships and grow your survival skills.

If you have a skill to offer our community, I hope you will add yourself to our

Liberty Commerce Network when you attend a Be Brave Washington meeting.

More info regarding our new Support Groups at our Wednesday meetings.