Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency


Be Brave Washington needs your help in reviewing Court Documents and Pfizer's Documents to help find evidence that the COVID-19 vaccine biological product was a known public risk. Our goal is to bring to light to the true efficacy and dangers of this product.

As many of you are aware, Public Health & Medical Professionals for Transparency filed a lawsuit in September 2021 after they did not get a response from the FDA following a FOIA Request. A Federal Judge eventually ruled in their favor even though the FDA did not want to release the requested documents (until 75 years from now) for all of the data in Pfizer's experimental covid vaccine product file. The FDA has been releasing these documents in batches over the last few months after the Court Order, and approximately 80,000 more pages are scheduled to be released on or by May 1, 2022. Anyone can access these released FDA documents at:

Be Brave Washington is gathering information found in these documents so that this information can be brought to the attention of the Whatcom Health Department, Whatcom County Council and Bellingham City Council. Please report any findings from your review of these documents or any other Covid vaccine reactions to the email listed below.


Report any findings to: bebravewa at protonmail (dot) com